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Wyoming State Parks
Historic Sites & Trails
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Kids eXtreme Quiz

Think you know Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites & Trails?
  1. Railroads played a big role in expanding the West. What well-known railroad established a line across the Bear River?

  2. The State Bath House at Hot Springs State Park offers therapeutic soaking in the largest mineral hot springs in the world. In 1896, a treaty allowing for public use of the hot springs was signed between the Arapaho and which other Native American tribe?

  3. Built in 1872, the Wyoming Territorial Prison housed some of the West’s most notorious outlaws. The prison was the only prison to hold what well-known outlaw? Hint: One of his partners was the Sundance Kid.

  4. Sinks Canyon State Park is named for the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie, a rushing mountain river that flows out of the Wind River Mountains and through the canyon. The name Popo Agie (pronounced Po-Po-shuh) is a Crow Indian word meaning?

  5. What Wyoming State Park is named after a famous Wyoming-born sportscaster and outdoor enthusiast?

  6. Fort Bridger was established in 1843 by Jim Bridger and Louis Vasquez as an emigrant supply stop along the Oregon, Mormon, and California trails. Prior to establishing Fort Bridger, Jim Bridger was an experienced trapper, mountain man and Indian fighter. What annual event held at Fort Bridger on Labor Day weekend provides hands-on experience of life as a mountain man?

  7. How many miles of groomed and ungroomed snowmobile trails does Wyoming have?

  8. Seminoe State Park is located on the west side of Seminoe Reservoir in Carbon County. Seminoe Dam, completed April 1, 1939, is an impressive arch construction comprised of 210,000 cubic yards of concrete. The result is a reservoir with 180 miles of shoreline and outstanding fishing opportunities. What state record species of fish have been pulled from Seminoe in past years?

  9. Independence Rock is a major landmark on the famed Oregon Trail. Many emigrants passed by the Rock on their way, but one particular group of pioneers traveled West to the valley of the Great Salt Lake. Who were these pioneers?

  10. Glendo and Guernsey State Parks and Hawk Springs State Recreation Area provide recreational opportunities such as boating, fishing, birdwatching, hiking, and camping. But the reservoirs have also played an important role in supplying water to farmers and ranchers for several years. What term do farmers and ranchers use to describe supplying dry land with water, as with channels, ditches, or streams, so that plants and animals can live? Hint: Means to “water the land.”

  11. The Wyoming State Trails works with the United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, State Trust lands and which other group to provide ORV trails?

  12. South Pass City is one of the most authentic and complete historic sites in the country. Today, you can see the 30 historic log, frame and stone buildings that remain. Many gold mining camps throughout the West had buildings with a square front extending beyond the top of the roof giving the effect of a second floor. The Smith-Sherlock store at South Pass City State Historic Site has such a front. What is the name of this addition to a building: “square front”, “higher front” or “false front?”