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Posted: Monday, December 17, 2012
Contact: Jeff Obrech (307) 777- 4532

CHEYENNE – The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is asking for information about an adult buck mule deer – the second in 16 days -- illegally shot in Curt Gowdy State Park Saturday night, Dec. 15. This crime took place after 6 p.m. on the southwest side of Granite Reservoir, near the Pole Mountain Campground.

The carcass was dragged off the hillside to near the road and the head was removed. “The violator or violators started to field dress the deer and likely got scared off by a passing vehicle or something,” said Allen Deru, Cheyenne game warden. “So, if anyone was near the area Saturday night and noticed any unusual activity, such as possibly vehicle lights directed off the road or pedestrians at night, please contact me.”

Deru said he collected a 30.06 casing on the road and hopes to collect fingerprints from it. Curt Gowdy State Park rangers are also helping with the investigation.

Buck deer are particularly vulnerable this time of year because it is the “rut” or breeding season. For killing a buck deer out of season and leaving it to waste, the violator could face up to a $10,000 fine, one year in jail and a 10-year suspension of hunting/fishing license privileges.

Deru is also seeking information about a fork horn mule deer shot and left the night of Nov. 30 near the Volin Trailhead between Crystal and Granite reservoirs.

Deru urges anyone with information about these crimes – even if it is second hand – to report it to the Stop Poaching Hotline at (877) WGFD-TIP or on the Game and Fish website at at any hour or call him directly during business hours at 777-4585.

“We are hopeful we can build a case and find these violators,” Deru said. “If the violators come forward themselves, it could possibly reduce the citations and punishments that are handed down.”

He adds callers may be eligible for a cash reward up to $5,000 if the information leads to a conviction and can remain anonymous. “So even close acquaintances to the violator who are disturbed about the crime can call without having their identity revealed,” he said