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Hunting - BOYSEN

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Hunting - BOYSEN


May hunt as long as you are 400 yards from facilities and campground areas.

Park Rules

  • Obey signs, traffic barriers and speed limits
  • Motorized vehicles shall be operated only on roads, trails or areas designated for such use. A valid driver’s license or learner’s permit is required
  • The possession, discharge or use of fireworks of any kind is prohibited
  • Camping in designated camping sites is restricted to one camping unit (tent, travel trailer or motor vehicle designed for camping) plus two licensed vehicles (car or boat, RV trailer) plus a maximum of 10 people (immediate family members, kids, grandparents, etc. of permit holder) may exceed this number
  • Camping is permitted for a maximum of fourteen (14) days at any one state park during any thirty (30) days
  • Camping units must be occupied on a nightly basis
  • Quiet shall be maintained in all camping areas from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m
  • All pets must be kept on a leash
  • Fires are permitted in provided fireplaces/grills and must be extinguished before leaving
  • Glass containers must be used in vehicles or camping structures
  • Fishing and boating are permitted subject to the regulations of the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission
  • No fishing within 20 yards of any boat ramp/dock or designated beach area
  • Park dumpsters are for park refuse only – litter and trash must be disposed of in provided containers
  • A complete list of rules and regulations is available at the Park office, fee booth, fee station, or state parks website.


Facts & Figures Dam

  • Structural height: 216 feet
  • Crest Length: 1,100 feet
  • Type: rolled earth, rock-fill
  • Volume of material: 1,700,000 cubic yards
  • Spillway capacity: 20,000 cubic feet/seconds
  • Power plant: 15,000 kW Reservoir & park
  • Water: 19,560 acres • Shoreline: 76 miles
  • Length: 20 miles • Widest Point: 5.5 miles
  • Land: 15,145 acres


Believe it or not ... Yes! Contrary to what your eyes tell you, the Wind River flows NORTH! Please Recycle or return to park for reuse.



  • Entire Park - please see park rules (above)
  • Please see Boysen map (above)



$50.00 per day plus a $50.00 cleaning deposit on top of the day use fee per vehicle charge.


Park Fees

  • The daily use fee is $4 per resident vehicle, or $6 per non-resident vehicle, and is required to enter and use park areas and facilities.
  • An annual daily use permit is available.
  • The camping fee is $10 per resident vehicle or $17 per non-resident vehicle (includes daily use fee.)
  • An annual camping permit is also available for Wyoming residents.



Site Status


 We are open! Please view our hours below to find a good time to visit!

***North Marina at Boysen Reservoir, commonly known as the Brannon Boat Ramp, is under a water quality advisory.** See "News & Updates" this page.




Grounds open all year - 24 hours.


Park grounds are open year-round, weather permitting.

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