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Yurts - GLENDO


Glendo State Park has three (3) Yurts located in Two Moon Campground that may be reserved.  The Yurts provide a unique overnight experience for those looking for something a little different than the usual tent or an RV camping experience.  The Yurts have electricity, air conditioning and heat.  Please be advised that the heater is designed to provide 20-25 degrees of temperature difference.


  • Located in Two Moon Campground. 

Yurts are available all year-around. Reservations may be made for the period of May 1st through September 30th through the online reservation system or by calling our CAll Center at 877-996-7275

For those reservations dates that fall during the October 1st through April 30th period, reservations may be made by calling the Glendo State Park Headquarters at 307-735-4433.



Yurt reservations cost $40/night, plus the appropriate SPHS&T daily use and overnight fees depending on residency status.  All Annual Permit(s) honored for day use and camping fees.




Site Status


Despite recent fire restrictions instituted by the Platte County Commission, an enjoyable camping experience is still possible at Glendo and Guernsey state parks.

Propane grills and stoves can still be used to prepare popular camping dishes and provide adequate warmth.

However, as always, park patrons are reminded that possession of all fireworks is prohibited.




The park is open daily for day use from 6AM-10PM

Park Headquarters Hours:

  • Memorial Day-Labor Day: 7:30AM-5:00PM
  • Labor Day-Memorial Day: 7:30AM-4:00PM

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