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Boating - GUERNSEY

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Boating - GUERNSEY


One of the primary attractions at Guernsey State Park is the boating and water recreation opportunities. Boating enthusiasts may enjoy the 2,400 acres of Guernsey Reservoir. Additional information on boat ramp levels located HERE. 


  • Boating is allowed on the entire reservoir as water levels allow.
  • Boat access points are found on the west side of the reservoir at the Sandy Beach launch area, the southeast end of the lake at the the main boat launch area and at the north end of the reservoir at the Long Canyon ramp area.

Boating is permitted as water elevation levels allow access to the reservoir.


To access the reservoir to enjoy the water all vehicles are required to have a SPHS&T daily use permit.




Site Status


Despite recent fire restrictions instituted by the Platte County Commission, an enjoyable camping experience is still possible at Glendo and Guernsey state parks.

Propane grills and stoves can still be used to prepare popular camping dishes and provide adequate warmth.

However, as always, park patrons are reminded that possession of all fireworks is prohibited.



  • Guernsey State Park is open all year. Since we do have overnight camping the park is open 24 hours per day with the appropriate permits.
  • The Guernsey Museum is a seasonal facility that is open from May 1st through September 30. Visitors may visit the Museum between the hours of 9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m..

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