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Glendo State Park


Glendo State Park is located in the southeastern part of Wyoming. The reservoir is one of Wyoming’s top walleye fisheries and is known for other water-based recreation. With approximately 12,000 surface acres of water, it gives great opportunity to many different users at the same time. There are six boat launching areas on the park. The park has 21 different camping areas with a total of 568 campsites. Reservations can be made for some of the campsites. There are many picnic shelters to help keep the afternoon sun from beating down on you. Large group shelters are available to reserve for larger gatherings.

Glendo is the home to a newly developed non-motorized trail system. It is slowly becoming a popular destination spot for some of the best mountain biking in Wyoming. There are approximately 45 miles of trails. There are four trailheads at located at Two Moon Campground, the Wetlands Area, the Dam Overlook, and at Sandy Beach Dune Shelter.


Construction on Glendo Dam started in 1954 and was finished in 1958. The dam was constructed by the Bureau of Reclamation. The primary purpose of the reservoir is to store water for irrigation purposes and to help control flooding. This is the reason that the water level fluctuates at Glendo so severely each year.

Volunteer Opportunities 

Glendo State Park is a great place to spend your time volunteering during the summer months. Glendo is one of the largest and busiest state parks in Wyoming with 568 designated campsites throughout the park. Glendo is best known for the amazing walleye fishing, recreational boating opportunities, 45+ miles of mountain bike trails, and excellent campgrounds. 

Camp hosting is the parks primary need for volunteers; however, volunteers are needed from time-to-time for special events like the Glendo Trails Festival. 

Camp Hosting Information

There are five camp host assignments available from May 15th through September 15th (dates are flexible). 

Two Moon Campground

The camp host site in Two Moon Campground has a cement pad with water, electricity, and shade provided by the pine trees. 

Two Moon is the largest and most popular campground at Glendo State Park. The campground is located in a pine forest and overlooks the lake. Although there is no direct water access there are boat ramps at the Marina and Whiskey Gulch nearby. Two Moon Campground has a playground, mountain bike trails, a mountain bike pump track, two group picnic shelters, and a few campsites with electricity.

The camp host in Two Moon is only responsible for Two Moon Campground. 


Sandy Beach Campgrounds

The camp host site at Sandy Beach has a cement pad with water, electricity, and a metal shade shelter that covers the picnic table.

The camp host site is located in an open area with little to no shade available as are the majority of the campsites on the reservation system. The majority of the first-come-first-serve campsites are shaded by cottonwood trees near the beach. 

Sandy Beach Campground is known for the amazing beaches that stretch along the edge of the cottonwood trees and is a very popular campground in July and August. 

The camp host at Sandy Beach is responsible for Dune, Willow, Cottonwood, Indian Point, Broken Arrow, Burnt Wagon, and Muddy Bay campgrounds; however, the majority of their time is spent in Dune, Willow, and Cottonwood campgrounds closer to the beaches. 


Bennett Hill Campground

The camp host site at Bennett Hill was built in 2017 and has a cement pad with water, electricity, and a metal shade shelter that covers the picnic table.

Bennett Hill Campground was expanded in 2017 to provide additional campsites, including several group camping sites, near the Bennett Hill boat ramp and fish cleaning station (new 2017). May through mid-July Bennett Hill is very popular with walleye fisherman. 

The camp host at Bennett Hill is primarily responsible for Bennett Hill Campground (44 campsites); however, they will also assist with the general upkeep of all the other campsites along Lakeshore Drive including Waters Point, Red Hills, Reno Cove, Soldier Rock, Custer Cove and Colter Bay.


Whiskey Gulch Campground

The camp host site at Whiskey Gulch was built in 2017 and has a cement pad with water, electricity, a metal shade shelter that covers the picnic table, and some medium-sized pine trees that provide shade. 

This assignment will be responsible for all the first-come-first-serve campsites in Shelter Point, Sagebrush, Whiskey Gulch, and Mule Hill Campgrounds. These campgrounds are very popular when the water level is higher in the reservoir and the boat ramp at Whiskey Gulch is open for fisherman and recreational boating. 


Park Headquarters (rover)

The last position that we fill is the rover position from the park headquarters. The camp host site is a gravel pad with water, electrical, and sewer. No shade is available at this location. 

The rover will help with assignments parkwide and will cover shifts for the other camp host when they need to leave the park for a few days. 



The camp host assigned to Two Moon, Sandy Beach, Bennett Hill, and Whiskey Gulch will be provided with Polaris side-by-side utility vehicles that they can use to perform their responsibilities.
A trailered honeywagon is available for all camp host to use to evacuate their black and grey water tanks. 

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Trails - Glendo State Park

A new non-motorized single track trail system was created at Glendo in the past few years. Trail construction began in 2010 and has continued until 2015. There are now over 45 miles of trails that are used for mountain biking and hiking. The trails offer an adventure for every person, it doesn’t matter what your skill level is we have something for you. There are three main trailheads and each one offers a different adventure. You could ride along the Glendo Wetlands area and possibly see some turtles or even a muskrat. The eastern and northern part of the trail system will give you the feel of the mountains as you ride through pine and cedar trees. Be on the lookout for Mule Deer and Turkeys as you travel the mountainous trails. The trails offer a view of the park that few people ever see.

Mountain Biking Videos:

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Glendo State Park is found in one of Wyoming’s most historic areas. Tipi rings and a variety of cultural artifacts from the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Oglala, and Brule Sioux tribes can still be found at Glendo State Park and the surrounding area. Remember though, removing artifacts is unlawful. Glendo Dam construction began in 1954. The dam was completed in 1957 and the power plant in 1958. The dam is an earth filled structure 2,096 feet long and 190 feet high.


Glendo, a recreational paradise for boaters, fishermen and water-sport enthusiasts, is located approximately 100 miles north of Cheyenne, just off of I-25, at Exit 111. The park is just a couple of miles from the town of Glendo.

Recreational Opportunities

Glendo is a recreational paradise that is composed of roughly 22,000 acres to satisfy your inner adventurer. Glendo is located on the eastern plains of Wyoming. To the west of the park is Laramie Peak, the tallest point in eastern Wyoming. The area of the park is split between 12,000 acres of water and 10,000 acres of land. Glendo State Park is best known for its excellent boating opportunities, with plenty of areas for water skiing and fishing. While it is best known for the water sports, there is plenty to do if you didn’t bring a boat.


Glendo is mostly known for its camping areas. Glendo offers 21 different campgrounds with 568 campsites. Glendo offers everything from a mountain feel to the ever popular beach setting. Picture yourself in a campsite among the pine trees as you look up through the trees looking at a clear star-filled sky. One of the popular areas is Sandy Beach. Sandy Beach offers a mile-long beach that is a great area for you to relax and enjoy the sun. Isn’t it about time that you experience a Wyoming sunset from Sandy Beach?


Glendo is one of the state’s best walleye fisheries early in the season. The walleye fishing is the best during the late spring time frame. Glendo is one of the locations of some of the largest fishing tournaments in the State of Wyoming. While most of the notoriety for fishing revolves around walleye, don’t forget that there are a few other species that can be just as satisfying to catch. These species include perch, catfish, and crappie. Several species of fish caught at Glendo have held the past state records. Maybe you will catch the next “Big Lunker."

Glendo State Park is administered by the Division of State Parks, Historic Sites and Trails, Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources.


Lighthouse-ShelterLighthouse Shelter on Shelter Point

Reservations may be made for camping within the following campgrounds:

  • Bennett Hill
  • Custer Cove
  • Reno Cove
  • Sandy Beach Dune
  • Sandy Beach Willow
  • Two Moon

The following day use shelters may be reserved in advance:

  • Bennett Hill
  • Dune (Sandy Beach)
  • Lighthouse (Shelter Point Campground)
  • Sagebrush
  • Two Moon
  • Whiskey Gulch
  • Willow (Sandy Beach)

Day Use Shelters are the perfect place for family and friend gatherings and celebrations. 


The Buffalo Run Group Area is a great area to reserve for a large group get together. It consists of a large shelter and six campsites. There must be a minimum of two camping units in this site for it to be used.

Day Use Shelters and Campsites may be reserved by calling 877-996-7275 or booking online. Reservations are accepted up to 4 months in advance of your arrival date.


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Permits & Reservations


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