This monument is erected to perpetuate the memory of one of the famous battles of history. It is dedicated to the courage and bravery of twenty-eight soldiers in Company C, 27th United States Infantry, and four civilians who held their improvised fort made of fourteen ordinary wagon-boxes against three thousand Sioux warriors, under the leadership of Red Cloud, for a period of six or seven hours under continuous fire. The number of Indians killed has been variously estimated from three hundred to eleven hundred.

 The following participated in this engagement:
 Capt. Jas. Powell 1st Lt. John C. Jenness
 1st Sgt. John M. Hoover Corp. Max Littman
 1st Sgt. John H. McQuiery Corp. Francis Robertson

 Wm. A. Baker James Condon Mark Haller
 Ashton P. Barton Thomas Doyle Phillip C. Jones
 Wm. Black Nolan V. Deming Freeland Phillips
 Chas. Brooks John Grady John L. Somers
 Alexander Brown John M. Garrett Chas. A. Stevens
 Denis Brown Henry Gross Julius Strache
 John Buzzard Samuel Gibson 4 Unknown Civilians
 Fredrick Claus Henry Haggerty Killed

 Erected April 1930 by the U.S. Civil Conservation Corps
 Under the Direction of the Sheridan Chamber of Commerce