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Wyoming Trails Inventory - Study Limitations

The study attempted to obtain information on all the trails managed by each agency or entity. However there are certain limitations that should be kept in mind when examining the results:

  • While attempts were made to conduct a complete census of all trail providers, some providers may not have been included. Additionally, some providers may have added or deleted one or more trails since the information was collected. Maintaining a comprehensive trail inventory is an on-going process.
  • Trails that were not administered by an agency, were not purposefully planned and constructed as trails, and/or where public access is not available or encouraged were not included in the inventory.
  • This trail inventory is limited to those trails reported by each agency or entity. Occasionally agency managers decided to exclude a particular trail or trails. The study did not use other means to gain information about a trail that an agency intentionally excluded.
  • Numerous primary and secondary data sources were used to complete this inventory. The accuracy of these data sources is in many cases unknown.