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Wyoming Trails Inventory - Trail Setting

The administrative agencies were asked to indicate the setting of the surrounding area that the trail passes through. Trail setting included four possible categories: 1) Urban (cities and towns), 2) Rural (areas surrounding cities and towns), 3) Natural (roaded areas), or 4) Primitive (roadless areas). Some trails may have multiple settings since they pass through more than one type of area. For example, a USFS trail may begin in a natural area and then go into a primitive area.

The majority of trails in Wyoming (62.7 percent) were located in natural settings (Table 3). There were 445 trails located in primitive settings (32.8 percent), with 32 trails located in rural settings (2.4 percent), and 29 trails located in urban settings (2.1 percent).

In terms of miles of trails in Wyoming, the majority was also in a natural setting (63.4 percent). There were 2,644 miles of trail in a primitive setting (31.6 percent), with 377 miles of trails in a rural setting (4.5 percent), and 46 miles of trails in an urban setting (0.5 percent).

Trail Setting

Setting Number of Trails Percent Miles of Trail Percent
Urban 29 2.1% 45.92 0.5%
Rural 32 2.4% 376.75 4.5%
Natural 849 62.7% 5,309.36 63.4%
Primitive 445 32.8% 2,644.55 31.6%