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State Trails Inventory - Variables Considered - Trails

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Wyoming Trails Inventory - Variables Considered

The Division of State Parks and Historic Sites, together with the University of Wyoming, determined what trail information to include in the trails inventory. The following variables were determined to be important:

  • Agency Administering the Trail
  • Trail Name
  • Trail Number
  • Location of Trail Head (Township, Range, Section)
  • Nearest Town, County, State
  • Agency Map Showing Trail
  • USGS Maps (Quadrangle Names)
  • Trail Starts At (Landmark)
  • Trail Ends At (Landmark)
  • If Part of a Trail System, Name System, Connecting Trails
  • Trail Length
  • Elevation Range
  • Trail Setting
  • Season of Allowed Use
  • Accepted Uses
  • Level of Management
  • Miscellaneous Information Concerning the Trail

The study attempted to obtain complete information for each trail. However, some of the variables were not applicable or available for certain trails. For example, information on elevation was not available for many trails. The data were recorded on a standardized data sheet (see Appendix). One data sheet was used for each trail or trail system.<