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State Trails Inventory - Definition - Trails

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Wyoming Trails Inventory - Definition 

A trail can be defined in a variety of ways. The definition of trails used for this study is the one commonly used by the USFS and in the Montana study conducted by the University of Montana (Yuan et al, 1994). Under this definition a trail is defined as…"a regularly maintained transportation and/or recreation pathway typically used by hikers, cross-country skiers, equestrians, bicyclists, and/or motor vehicles less than 50 inches wide." This definition excludes the use of vehicles such as cars and trucks, as they are greater than 50 inches wide. The trail should be…"purposefully planned and constructed for this purpose, rather than, for example, a game trail or a fisherman’s path along the edge of a stream." For this study, only trails with public access were included in the inventory.

During the process of collecting information on trails under the above definition, limited information on river trails and 4-wheel drive trails in Wyoming was also collected as a part of this study. This information is presented at the end of this report.