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About Our Site - South Pass City Historic Site


South Pass City has a variety of interesting and educational activities for visitors throughout the summer. When the presence of volunteer staff permits, not only can you walk through each of the 17 restored and exhibited original structures, you can enjoy an ice cold sarsaparilla and a game of billiards on a restored 1860s period table, as well as hear the ring of a hammer on steel when the blacksmith shapes hot iron. Each day, one can shop in the historic Smith-Sherlock General Store or pan for gold in the clear waters of Willow Creek. In the Interpretive Center, you can also learn about other gold producing methods that have been used around South Pass City throughout its history.

For folks with as much interest in nature as history, South Pass City is home to a three-mile Volksmarch Trail where you can enjoy viewing some of the area's wide array of wildlife. mule deer, antelope, moose and beaver are just a few of the animals that can be seen. For birders, many species call this area home at different times of the year, including mountain blue birds, finches, hawks and eagles. Anglers will enjoy blue ribbon fishing for brook, rainbow, brown and cutthroat trout in many of the area's streams and lakes.

spcMill-at-Night2-1South Pass City Mills at Night

The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail also passes through town. Popular among serious hikers and mountain bikers, the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail runs the length of the Rocky Mountains from Canada to Mexico. Each year, numerous bikers and hikers utilizing this trail visit the site. Many use the general delivery at the General Store's post office for re-supply, and enjoy a tour through town before continuing on their journey.

South Pass City Begins English Tunnel Tours


Contact: Joe Ellis, 307-332-3684


Modern-day visitors can follow in the footsteps of a miner from 1868 while exploring the English Tunnel during tours at South Pass City each Saturday at 11 a.m. June through August.

The tunnel, named for its English financial backers, is one of the state’s earliest mining features.

The 300-foot horizontal tunnel was cut into the living rock in hopes of intersecting the vein of quartz that fed the nearby Carissa Mine. However, the expected vein of gold was never found and the tunnel was abandoned.

Time and the elements covered the tunnel leaving traces of the hard work of miners undisturbed for 150 years.

Today, visitors will find traces left by the mine workers, like the candles they used to light the tunnel.  The tour includes a one-mile hike and candle tour of a real mine.

english-tunnelReservation for the tours are required and can be made at https://www.southpasscity.com/tours or calling 307-332-3684.

The South Pass City State Historic Site includes the Carissa Mine and 29 original town buildings people can tour. The historic site spans 389 acres with nearly five miles of interpretive trails. 


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Historic Buildings and Exhibits:

  • May 15 to September 30: Open daily 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Closed October 1 to May 14

Grounds and Trails:

Open sunrise to sunset, year-round, weather permitting.





 South Pass City Historic Site
 125 South Pass Main St
 South Pass City, WY 82520

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