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Programs - Trail End Historic Site


As an historic house museum filled with original objects and sitting on its original grounds, Trail End can't help but serve as a learning laboratory for students of all ages. While the site's educational focus has traditionally been on history for elementary and junior high students, recent efforts have broadened that focus to include science and nature as well as language arts and music for older students and adults - actually, anyone interested in Trail End!


Behind the Scenes at Trail End


Trail End staff have developed a number of educational programs, some based on history; others ... not so much:

TechnoPast Like a chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream cone, this program combines history with technology to create a tasty treat for students in grades six through twelve.

Junior Curators Part of Kids eXtreme, this program for kids grades six through eight lets them go beyond the plexiglass doors and into the collections to let them actually TOUCH the STUFF!

TESHS-Programs-JrCuratorJunior Curator at work

Trail End Trackers This program gets kids interested in birdwatching.

Home Is Where the History Is With readings, exercises, activities and even a quiz or two, this classroom-based program teaches about more than just Trail End; it gets kids motivated to explore their own lives and neighborhoods.

The Living Lab Currently under development, the Living Lab will be a multidisciplinary approach to science education for children grades six through eight.

With an Eye to the Past This fledgling program contains a small variety of in-class presentations and little projects for people of all ages, from word games to tree identification. When it grows up, we hope it will contain a LARGE variety of in-class presentations and little projects for people of all ages!

For more information on Trail End’s educational programs, visit http://www.trailend.co/learn.html



Tours - Trail End Historic Site

TRAIL END IS a great place to tour. Whether you are coming to the site for the first time or the fifty-first time, there is always something new to explore. Exhibits change on a regular basis, each one featuring an interesting aspect of social history during the first third of the 20th Century.


Behind the Scenes at Trail End


While all four floors of the mansion are open, not all areas on each floor are included in the tour. Visitors are asked to stay behind any of the rope or Plexiglas barriers, and to honor any other posted restrictions. We also ask that visitors refrain from touching the woodwork, fabrics or other artifacts (natural oils and salts on our hands can transfer to surfaces, resulting in their degradation). Food and drink are not allowed in the house, nor are flash cameras (video cameras, tablets and phone cameras are fine).

A modern elevator runs from the basement to the third floor, but be advised that it will not accommodate some full-sized adult wheelchairs.

The site brochure (available in Chinese, English, French, German & Spanish) contains floor plans for all four floors as well as information about the rooms, the family, and the general history of the house.


Forgotten Spaces of Trail End


​Self-guided tours are the norm at Trail End. Guided tours (for groups of ten or more) are available on a limited basis and must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.

Trail End offers two types of audio tours: one for adults and one written and recorded especially for children (ages 7 and above). Both are in English.

Tours of the Carriage House Theater are not allowed at this time.


Trail End Grounds Tour


For more information on Trail End’s tour program, please visit http://www.trailend.co/tours.html

For information on how to set up a school tour, please visit http://www.trailend.co/school-tours.html


Support - Trail End Historic Site


There are many different ways for you to support the Trail End State Historic Site. You can become a member of the Trail End Guilds; you can volunteer during a special event; you can be a tour guide; you can donate cash or artifacts; you can even polish silver or work in the gardens if that's what you enjoy!

Formed in 1983, the Trail End Guilds, Inc., is a support organization dedicated to the enhancement of the Trail End State Historic Site. Through its fundraising efforts, the Guilds have provided many extras to the site, including reproduction furnishings, flowers, trees, holiday decorations and exhibit pieces, plus a sound system, refrigerator and other support equipment.

The organization is registered as a 501(c)3 organization with the Internal Revenue Service.


Membership in the Trail End Guilds is very affordable, with dues starting as low as $10.00 a year. Meetings are usually held the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Trail End State Historic Site (contact the Guilds at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for current meeting schedule). Membership levels are as follows:

  • Benefactor - $100 and up
  • Sponsor - $50 to $99
  • Supporting - $25 to $49
  • Individual - $10 to $24

Every member receives a subscription to the Trail End Notes newsletter, plus voting privileges at the annual meeting and any other member benefits as they become available. For more information, visit the Trail End Guilds webpage, www.trailend.org.

Trail End State Historic Site Present Educational TechnoPast Event


             Students get an opportunity to learn about history, as well as produce an educational video during Trail End State Historic Site’s newest educational program TechnoPast, June 24-28.

Designed for students in grades six through 12, TechnoPast combines technology and history to produce videos for the museum.

Students get to write a script and then act, produce, and film their video before editing it themselves. Since research is involved in producing the final product, this is yet another way for participants to experience history in a hands-on way.

For last year’s video "Keeping Up with Kendrick Technology,” for example, TechnoPast students created a television-style project demonstrating how technology in the Kendrick Mansion worked.

The students researched primary documents and combined those with the actual demonstration of the objects in this fun and informative video. This way, the public can see how these artifacts work, since they are rarely demonstrated.

Current events are sometimes tackled by the TechnoPast crew. For the 2017 Total Eclipse over Wyoming, students made two videos: one showing how to make a homemade eclipse viewer, and a second presenting how eclipses were viewed by ancient civilizations.

In addition to technology and eclipses, past Trail End video topics have included a student's guide to museum behavior, a couple of behind-the-scenes tours, Trail End Trivia and much more.

For more information on this year's TechnoPast topic and details on registration, contact Trail End at 307-674-4589.

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