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Welcome to Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites, & Trails

Finding your perfect vacation spot has never been easier!

Mountain bikes, boats and fishing poles are really just toys for grown-ups; so go be a kid again. After all, we've got plenty of trails for getting mud on those tires, including those in Guernsey, Buffalo Bill and Curt Gowdy State Parks.

If making a splash is more your style, we've got space for water sports and fishing at our many reservoirs . Once you're done playing, soak those bones in the therapeutic mineral water at Hot Springs State Park. 

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"I have the distinction of being one of a handful of people who has been to every Wyoming State Park and Historic site. Maybe the only one who has done it during one month! These are among the best kept secrets in the United States." -- Alan O'Hashi (Facebook Review)

News & Updates

Fort Phil Kearny to Host "Birding and Wildflower Walk"


Contact: Misty Stoll, 307-684-7629


Fort Phil Kearny State Historic Site hosts a “Birding and Wildflower Walk” featuring Dr. Jackie Canterbury of Bighorn Audubon, June 2 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. This is a free event.

During the walk, participants will explore the rich grasslands of the Wagon Box site and Little Piney Creek riparian area. This makes the area not only an important historic area, but a tremendous riparian site as well.

“The wildflowers in this area are magnificent in early June,” Dr. Canterbury said. “The open grasslands surrounding the historic site support Bobolinks, Savannah Sparrows and other grassland sparrows. Little Piney Creek is an excellent riparian habitat of cottonwoods and aspen. Lazuli Buntings, American Redstarts. McGillivray’s Warblers are known to nest in the area, and Ovenbirds can be heard from the trees."

Fort Phil Kearny is located at 528 Wagon Box Road near Banner.

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Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites & Trails
A Division of Wyoming State Parks & Cultural Resources
2301 Central Avenue, 4th Floor, Cheyenne, WY 82002



South Pass City Begins English Tunnel Tours


Contact: Joe Ellis, 307-332-3684


Modern-day visitors can follow in the footsteps of a miner from 1868 while exploring the English Tunnel during tours at South Pass City each Saturday at 11 a.m. June through August.

The tunnel, named for its English financial backers, is one of the state’s earliest mining features.

The 300-foot horizontal tunnel was cut into the living rock in hopes of intersecting the vein of quartz that fed the nearby Carissa Mine. However, the expected vein of gold was never found and the tunnel was abandoned.

Time and the elements covered the tunnel leaving traces of the hard work of miners undisturbed for 150 years.

Today, visitors will find traces left by the mine workers, like the candles they used to light the tunnel.  The tour includes a one-mile hike and candle tour of a real mine.

english-tunnelReservation for the tours are required and can be made at https://www.southpasscity.com/tours or calling 307-332-3684.

The South Pass City State Historic Site includes the Carissa Mine and 29 original town buildings people can tour. The historic site spans 389 acres with nearly five miles of interpretive trails. 


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Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites & Trails
A Division of Wyoming State Parks & Cultural Resources
2301 Central Avenue, 4th Floor, Cheyenne, WY 82002



Glendo State Park to Host Boater Safety Event


Contact: Brian Johnson, 307-735-4433


Summer brings boating season and as a part of that, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department will host a boater safety course at the Glendo State Park Whiskey Gulch picnic shelter, June 1 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Every year, park law enforcement and game wardens contact visitors about a wide array of safety and legal issues regarding boating on the reservoir. Through these interactions, they have found that many of the guests - especially those new to boating recreation - have questions about how to boat safely and legally.

Both Glendo State Park staff and Game Wardens are very interested in educating the public so that boaters can enjoy their trip, and so that all people can stay safe during their visit to Glendo State Park.

Towards that end, Game and Fish has coordinated with park staff to plan a boating safety education program, which will include a presentation on boating regulations and a Q&A session.

Attboater-safetyendees will also learn about the inauguration of the lifejacket loaner program at the park this summer. This program is accessible to all ages, and boaters of all experience levels are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to meet wardens and park staff, and learn more about safe and legal boating at Glendo State Park.

This event is free and open to the public.


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Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites & Trails
A Division of Wyoming State Parks & Cultural Resources
2301 Central Avenue, 4th Floor, Cheyenne, WY 82002



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